Track your App's User Experience with FunDex

Track your App's with FunDex

Give Users a Great Experience or They’ll Give You the Finger

Users decide within two seconds whether they love or hate your mobile app, so it pays to have them love it. See how you can easily measure and track your mobile app’s user experience, so you can constantly improve it and keep your users in a loving mood in this cool infographic.

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When customers give your app the finger—hit the delete button—you really should know why. That’s why we created FunDex, a single, meaningful score for your mobile app’s entire user experience. With FunDex mobile analytics, you’ll know who abandoned your app and why, and what you can do about it.

  • 53% of users hit the delete button when a mobile app doesn’t respond fast enough or crashes.
  • 49% expect a mobile app to respond in less than 2 seconds.
  • 69% say app issues caused them to have a lower opinion of the company that made the app.

Proactively Measure and Guarantee Mobile App Performance

Mobile app performance is based on a myriad of variables, such as mobile device hardware, the network carrier, and business user or customer behavior. Use “Forrester’s Shopping Guide For Mobile Application Performance Management” to understand which core capabilities and features you should look for in a good Mobile APM solution.

What’s Your FunDex?

Take the guesswork out of user experience mobile app monitoring. Use FunDex, a single score from 0-100 that measures your app’s overall experience. FunDex also gives you accurate, relevant data that you can use to make your app better. Get this paper to see how it works.

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See for yourself how easy it is to score the user experience of your mobile app by taking this free 30-day trial of AppPulse Mobile, which features FunDex.